10 AWG 600V PV Wire

10 AWG 600V PV Wire

SKU: 100049

10 AWG 600V PV wire sold as 500 foot spool.

  • Description

    Standard Color – Black, Grey, White and Red Primary Voltage –600V
    Temperature – 40oC to 90oC


    Construction: Primary Insulation –
    Single conductor cross-linked polyethylene Type USE-2, flame retardant, VW-1 moisture resistant, RoHS, sunlight resistant, temperature rating 90o wet or dry, -40oC cold. Suitable for conduit and raceways installed underground in conduit.


    Jacket: Thermoplastic RoHS jacket, temperature rating 90oC, sunlight resistant, flame rated VW-1, low temperature -40oC, water resistant, crush resistant.


    UL Standards

    USE, USE-2 600V per UL854
    RW-90 1000V Per UL44 CSA C 22.2 No 38
    RHH, RHW, RHW-2 PER UL44
    USE & USE-2 – Rated for direct burial and underground Duct services per UL854