Wiley ACC Cable Clips

Wiley ACC Cable Clips


Engineered for high-quality wire management solutions, Wiley Cable Clips simplify wire management and create a cleaner aesthetic to solar PV arrays. The clips are made of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, which makes them a durable, long lasting and reliable solution for all environments, and are designed with coined edges to prevent damage to cable insulation. The design is easy to install and can be reused.The clips can be used in a wide variety of mounting con gurations (including 90 degree) for module and rail applications and in cojuction with UNIRAPTM cable ties. Custom designs available upon request.

  • Product Specifications

  • Information

    • Wide variety of mounting con gurations
    • Accommodates a broad range of cable combinations and sizes • Special tab for easy installation & removal
    • Coined edges to prevent damage to cable insulation
    • Lasts for the lifetime of the solar system
    • Custom designs are available upon request
    • Multiuse