MLPE Rail Attachment Kit

MLPE Rail Attachment Kit

SKU: 600111

The SnapNrack MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) Rail Attachment Kit is an efficient solution for attaching Enphase microinverters and SolarEdge optimizers directly to SnapNrack rails. The MLPE Rail Attachment Kit comes pre-assembled, installs to microinverters and optimizers with a single 1/2” socket and utilizes our bonding channel nuts for Snap-In attachment to the rail. 


The attachment kit has been designed, tested and certified to work with Enphase and SolarEdge products under SnapNrack’s UL 2703 listing, removing any need for WEEBs. Both the microinverter and optimizer are bonded to the system through the MLPE Kit and the attachment to the rail.


  • UL 2703 certified with Enphase microinverters and SolarEdge optimzers
  • Microinverter and optimizers are bonded to the system through the MLPE Kit and it’s attachment to the rail
  • No need to bond optimizers with ground lugs and bare copper
  • When using microinverters*, ground lugs and bare copper are not required to bond module rows, reducing labor and material costs
  • Removes any need for WEEBs
  • Installs with a single 1/2” socket, comes pre-assembled and easily snaps into rails


SnapNrack P/N:242-92093