Top Clamp Weeb Washer

Top Clamp Weeb Washer


A revolution in the solar industry, WEEB® washers eliminate the need for older, more expensive grounding methods while also signi cantly reducing the amount of labor and materials used in installations.

Here’s how it works: When the WEEB® is inserted between the module frame and mounting rail, the teeth
of the WEEB® pierce the anodized coating. The result is excellent conductivity without oxidation—bonding the PV module frame with the metal racking structure. Essentially, the module and rail become one singular piece of metal, creating an electrical path to the ground.

  • Description

    • Many universal solutions for top clamp and bottom mount applications

    • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel provides outstanding durability and performance

    • Provides a bonding feature to the existing mid-clamps
    • ETL Listed to UL 467 as Grounding & Bonding Equipment
    • UL Recognized to UL 2703
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Custom sizes and con gurations are available upon request • Detailed instruction manual specifying proper hardware,

    torque and mounting details
    • Lasts for lifetime of the solar system • Reusable

  • Information On Sizing